It’s not often you get to be part of history, but I was there for the 1st ever Tahoe Dreamin’! It was a one day local Salesforce conference that lasted 3 days! Thursday – I drove up the long way from the bay area, through historic gold country (88/49/50), then drove up, up, up the mountain until we hit the 5500 foot elevation point. A lifetime first, my wife experiences SNOW for the first time ever! We got out of the car, played in the snow, and then headed to the lake in the sky, Lake Tahoe! Friday – Just like Dreamforce, every session slot offered choices of excellent content, and I had to weigh my interests and the company’s interest, and try to pick the right session for each slot. No worries, for many of the sessions, slide decks and even some videos are already posted in the Success Community. BIG NEWS! No more Safe Harbor at the start of every presentation!! Sorry, it’s just redesigned, renamed, and modernized! Time to update the jokes. Saturday – Wake up to a small amount of fresh snow, and go play in the snow! The weather was a little funky, but it was another good day in Tahoe! Next time I will book another night or two to enjoy the area. Back to the bay area. Thanks to the organizers, presenters, vendors, volunteers, and the attendees for making the 1st ever Tahoe Dreamin’ a great event!