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*Let It Go*… Let Salesforce Classic Go… All You Want Is Lightning Forevermore! (a Salesforce Play in 4d)

Sand Harbor III January 19, 2018 5:35 pm - 6:00 pm

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Monica Sandberg
Misty Jones
Donald Bohrisch
Amy Oplinger
Stuart Edeal
Salesforce Ohana

Tahoe Dreamin’ is proud to present the world premiere of the very first, and possibly the very last performance of “LET IT GO… LET SALESFORCE CLASSIC GO… ALL YOU WANT IS LIGHTNING FOREVERMORE!”. The performance is an interactive fairytale in 4D written and produced by Notisblank Monica featuring the world of Lightning Experience. The audience (Ohana) will stand up and interact with the performers throughout the play. Our cast will respond to Ohana energy and enthusiasm, so the more over the top the Ohana goes with their dialogue the more animated our performers will become … #safeharbor. There will be Lightning swag giveaways following the performance for those SalesforceOhana cast members who demonstrate their Ohana spirit.

Once upon a time, in the village of New York City, there lived a popular, well-known Salesforce Consultant, Enid, who is cursed by a perpetual “reset spell” which turns every org she touches back to Salesforce Classic. Enid’s BFF, Cato, a forward-thinking, #awesomeadmin sets off on an epic journey from CA to NY on a quest to rescue and restore Enid’s fading admin powers. Cato teams up with a #dashingdev, Alec and together the two must find a way to restore Enid’s love for Lightning and Ohana.

Narrator: Monica Sandberg (aka Notisblank Monica)
Enid: Amy Oplinger
Cato: Misty Jones
Alec: Donald Bohrisch
Joe:  Stuart Edeal
#SalesforceOhana: Salesforce Ohana