The conference is Jan. 19, 2018. This is an all-day Salesforce event. Jan. 20th is what we call the Activity Day. Jan. 20 (Saturday) we organize fun Tahoe activities (like skiing, snowboard, snowmobiling, etc..). These activites need to be paid by the attendee. More info on the Activity Day comes closer to the event.

As a community event this is organized not as a profit event. It is an event to organized by people who love Salesforce and want to give back to the community. It is all volunteer based. Please keep this in mind with the pricing of the event and offerings given. We must sell out a certain number of hotel rooms at Harrah’s and Harveys or the organizers of the event get a bill for those unsold rooms (keep in mind the volunteer and not for profit). Because of this we offer discounted tickets to the event if you book a hotel room through our discounted room block (they are great discounts!!). It is extremely important we sell these rooms. If you book a room through our block (you will be supplied a URL after you register) and then let us know you did we will discount your ticket 75%, making the event ticket only $50. If you are sharing a room with another attendee, each attendee will be refunded 50% of their ticket price. You will be reminded of this in an email after you register, along with instructions on how to get the refund. Once the hotel room block is sold out, this discounted ticket price will go away (so purchase early!).

Discounted hotel rooms are sold out at this time. No additional refunds will be given on purchased tickets.

We are also bringing back our Friday night dinner.  The dinner will be from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. This is a private dinner that just explodes of Salesforce awesomeness. It has been a huge hit that last 2 years (sold out both years) and we are doing it again.  It is an amazing way to end the conference. Dinner is sponsored by Scribe Software and Cloudy in California.


Refunds are allowed up to Jan. 5th. After this date refunds are not allowed.

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