Last Year?

Tahoe Dreamin’s first year was 2016. We have had 2 amazing events. 2018 will be no different. But Tahoe Dreamin’ 2018 will be the last year in the Lake Tahoe area. For those that have attended or simply know Tahoe, it is an amazing place to be. The Tahoe Dreamin’ events have had amazing feedback from both attendees and sponsors. But costs and travel are showing to be an issue with keeping Tahoe Dreamin’ going.

We know many will be sad to see Tahoe Dreamin’ go. BUT do not be too sad. The event will move to Sacramento area in 2019, and will still include Lake Tahoe in the mix. The current plan is to have the Salesforce event one day within Sacramento area, and then have a bus or other transportation to Tahoe after the Salesforce day is over for those that want to have a great networking time in Tahoe.

With 2018 being our last Tahoe Dreamin’ event, we are going to go all out. We are getting the best speakers, best sponsors…basically we are going to put everything into make sure Tahoe Dreamin’ goes out with a huge bang and on an amazing note. ┬áSo please register and join us.