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Bring the Power of Salesforce into your Inbox, Calendar and Chats

Smart integration with Office 365, Outlook, Gmail
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SmartCloud Connect is an application that brings the power of Salesforce to your Inbox. It provides contextual related business information form Salesforce while people are working with emails or planning a day in the calendar. SmartCloud Connect supports sales, service and customer success teams in completing their everyday tasks in the most accurate and fast way.

Smart Cloud Connect is available for different clients: Outlook-rich clients (for Windows or Mac), Outlook Web App (through browsers) or OWA for devices and Gmail, so people can choose their device and benefit from the integration of email and enterprise system, no matter which platform they are on.

Users can add Smart Cloud Connect themselves once and then use it from any device connected to their Exchange, Office365 or Gmail account. They don’t need to install a custom application to get corporate data in their email or event.

Using our product, you can meld Salesforce into Inbox. Here is a short list with some of the values:


  • SmartCloud Connect is a fully customizable solution. You can customize almost every aspect of the SmartCloud Connect Add-In/Extension. You can add or remove the support for certain Salesforce object types and configure how these Salesforce objects will appear in SmartCloud Connect Add-In by showing or hiding certain fields in the card or changing their order. When needed, you can also enable or disable automatic synchronization for your contacts, tasks, or calendar events. It is easier than ever to make SmartCloud Connect work the way you do!
  • Managing Salesforce business data and link this data to Salesforce records right from Outlook/Office365 or Gmail.  User can manage/edit/merge a calendar entries, emails, contacts, accounts, activities, opportunities, and so on directly in Outlook/Office365 or Gmail
  • Data synchronization. Perform bidirectional, incremental synchronization between Salesforce and Outlook/Office365 or Gmail. This synchronization helps to keep data up-to-date and consistent. (we have two options for syncing data using auto-sync or manual mode)
  • Converting leads to contacts. If there is a chance of further negotiations with a lead and you want to convert it to a contact, you no longer need to go to Salesforce. Instead, in the lead card in the SmartCloud Connect Add-In/Extension, just click the “Convert to Contact” command. On conversion, you can immediately associate this contact with an account or opportunity.
  • Get 360° View of Your Clients Right from Inbox. You will always have full insight of your customers by getting real-time data from Salesforce – contacts and leads information, associated accounts, opportunities, cases, Chatter feeds and more – all in your Outlook or Office 365 client. You can customize which fields and in what order you want them to be shown for the particular Salesforce object in your mailbox.
  • Working while disconnected/offline mode. Perform work even if you’re disconnected from the corporate network.
  • Email tracking. To keep an eye on your customer engagement and get insider knowledge about who, where and when opens your emails, SmartCloud Connect uses a Magic Pixel – a simple code embedded into your email the recipient does not see, but gives you insight into your customer’s actions. Moreover, if you click the Envelope icon, SmartCloud Connect will show you history of email openings too.


SmartCloud Connect speeds up the sales process from the first contact with the customer to signing a contract, or closing a case.

SmartCloud Connect fully guarantees that all business data is timely added to Salesforce. It significantly increases productivity of sales, service and customer success teams by providing a combined work environment where the Mailbox is consolidated by Salesforce.


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