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Elements.cloud provides line of sight from requirement to business process to configured Org.
Business Process is the #1 skill most frequently requested by employers for Salesforce Admins. Elements.cloud is the **FREE business requirements capture and business analysis / process mapping app for Salesforce Admins.  **FREE= for ever, for every one.
Document your Org by sucking all your configuration data (i.e. objects & fields, process builder, VF pages) from Salesforce into a nested list in Elements. You can add notes and links to every item and link back to requirement or business process.  This is the PRO version – $60/m per Admin in the Org.
“Elements is just so easy to use. Any Salesforce Admin should be able to pick it up and be able to start mapping in live workshops really quickly.”   Benjamin Bolopue, Salesforce CRM Administrator, Quanex Building Products
Download the free eBook  Analysis, Automation & Adoption ((LINK . https://elements.cloud/ebook-analysis ))
Register for Elements.cloud    ((LINK . https://app.q9elements.com/signup  ))