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CopyStorm is a complete backup solution with the ability to backup data, files, meta data, and track field history. CopyStorm begins by inspecting the Salesforce metadata and recreates the Salesforce table structure then loads the data in a database behind your firewall or in your cloud. Every time CopyStorm runs, any changes made to the Salesforce structure are reflected in the CopyStorm database as well as any added or modified records. This is an incremental process so the backup can be within minutes of production. Because the CopyStorm database is a fully accessible, well known database (SQLServer, Oracle, MySLQ, PostgreSQL, or H2), the CopyStorm database is good for more than a backup. Many use the backup database for complex reporting or with BI tools.
CopyStorm/Restore is a targeted restore of data from the CopyStorm backup to production or sandbox. Determine the restore set and click to start the restore. Be confident in the restore to production by practicing first in a sandbox. Every developer deserves a sandbox filled with a rich set of data. Training sessions deserve a sandbox with real data. In-app tools make Salesforce merges much easier.
CopyStorm/Director manages CopyStorm for complex Salesforce environments. It is primarily used for enterprises with multiple Salesforce production instances. CopyStorm/Director schedules CopyStorm jobs, organizes log files and monitors job status. A convenient dashboard enables off-site monitoring.
SQLForce makes Python a powerful scripting language for manipulating a Salesforce database with the knowledge of Salesforce communications and governor limits. Replace complicated data import/export operations with short scripts. SQLForce is Capstorm’s gift to the Salesforce developer community.