We just launched info on Tahoe Dreamin’ 2018. You might have read it will be the final Tahoe Dreamin’ event. But do not cry….we are simply moving the event to the Sacramento area in 2019. This will allow us to have better control on costs of the event AND still allow us to make a group trip to Tahoe after our Salesforce day. The plan is to have a bus take everyone to Tahoe after the future events, so you can still get the awesomeness of Tahoe. It will allow those that cannot make the trip to Tahoe still attend the Salesforce sessions and those that still want to visit Tahoe to go up as a group and have an amazing time (like we have had the last 2 years).

Tahoe Dreamin’ will still be in South Lake Tahoe in 2018. This change is not until 2019. So lets have the most amazing, exciting, awesome last Tahoe Dreamin’ in Jan. 2018.